Help us answer more calls and save more lives

11 people die by suicide in Canada every day. We want to be there for everyone in Canada who is facing suicide.

Our amazing crisis responders answered more than 88,000 calls and texts in the last year. But we can do more. Demand for our service is increasing. The number of calls and texts we received nearly tripled in the last two years.

 [Talk Suicide] saved my life the other day and I am very grateful. I had a breakdown and attempted suicide last Monday and I didn’t remember anything until Wednesday. The last thing I remember is that I called the crisis line. I then got the help that I needed, thank you.

- Talk Suicide caller

Who will I be donating to?

Talk Suicide is Canada’s national suicide prevention service – the Centre for Addictions and Mental Health, the Canadian Mental Health Association National and Crisis Services Canada are its founding partners. Crisis Services Canada collects public donations to support Talk Suicide and provide much-needed capacity to help people in suicide-related distress.

Every dollar you donate goes directly to the helpline.